Are You Eligible For a Premium Tax Credit?
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Benefits of on/off Exchange Healthcare Plans:

• Much Lower Rates than ER Group Cobra Plans

• No Wait on Pre-Existing Conditions

• 100% Coverage on Preventative Care (no-copays)

• Telehealth Medicine included in all plans (no-copays)

• First Dollar Benefits for a Doctors visit, and RX Prescriptions


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We are passionate about making sure you and your family are properly protected when it comes to your healthcare coverage. Having all the relevant information and education you need to make an informed, conscious decision, is critical, to be assured you are taking out a plan that will be in you and your family’s best interests.

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It cannot be overstated enough that having a working knowledge about how the Marketplace exchanges work gives you a monumental advantage to making an informed educated healthcare decision. The Great news is you have discovered one of the most knowledgeable organizations in America who can help navigate you through the process. We have enrolled thousands of people and can help you and your family as well.

On-Exchange plans are underwritten by traditional healthcare carriers and are considered plans, where applicants qualify for a government-funded tax credit to help pay medical premiums. Tax credits and plan designs are based upon gross family income, the number of dependents claimed on your personal tax return and the age of every person applying for coverage. All on-exchange plans cover pre-existing conditions day one- dollar one with no waiting period. They also have a network of doctors and Hospitals you must stay within as well as 4 tier prescription plans and need to be analyzed.

There are 2 different types of Off-Exchange plans. Option 1 would be a plan on the Healthcare exchange but has no eligible tax credit to help pay the premium; Option 2 would be a plan taken out independent of the government ran marketplace exchanges.

Off-exchange plans need to really be understood by the consumer because unfortunately there are many scams available for purchase, which paint pretty pictures but will literally leave you bankrupt if you make the wrong claim. There are some real viable options for someone who makes enough income to be considered an off-exchange candidate. Having all the necessary information to truly make an informed decision is particularly important when venturing off the healthcare marketplace and into the world of the non-funded private pay healthcare plans.