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The Insurance Industry is really one of the most misunderstood career opportunities in the career marketplace today. The business of writing insurance, even though deglamorized by most people, is a very financially rewarding career opportunity and offers a great deal of personal satisfaction, to most people who turn it into a fulltime career.

Thinking about starting your own business?

Why go into debt into ten of thousands of dollars opening a franchise when you can start your own home based insurance agency for as little as a thousand dollars!!! A home based insurance business is easier to start than you probably think. Just continue reading to see how simple starting this business really can be. The skills you need to be successful in this business is tenacity, willingness to learn, good time management, the ability to pick up the telephone, and good sales skills. All the skills mentioned are skills any entrepreneur would need to launch any business, regardless of education.

Why Insurance or Financial Services?

This is an exciting opportunity just because of the pure amount of potential clients who are potential candidates for the products and services available. Being associated with Greenway gives you unparallel competitive advantages in the marketplace, for where ever you choose to focus and grow your business. There isn’t a single person you know who doesn’t own some type of insurance weather its life, health, auto, home, renters, Medicare supplement, etc. Generally speaking insurance is a replacement product type of sale. In other words, people are already spending a monthly premium for basic goods and services, so if you can offer a better plan, with better benefits, for less money why wouldn’t a client switch?

Consider the advantages Greenway has to offer!

On-Line Business applications:

Most people aren’t aware that probably 50% of all business written in the insurance business today is now done over the phone thru the internet. Of course face to face sales are still applicable in many situations but we have agents that do all their business from the convenience from their own home. We offer all the technology solutions to start your own home based business.


We give remote training through daily Webinars that you can access from the convenience of your own home office, without having to come into the office for every meeting.

Leads, Leads, Leads, and more Free Leads:

We have allot of different lead sources at your disposal. From direct mail leads, to internet leads, to telemarketer leads. We give free leads to all new producers, through our predictive dialer call center availability. You can access the predictive dialer from home and be remotely tied in with our home office to help close sales until your proficient enough to do it from home.

Sales Support:

We have unprecedented sales support for whatever product line you choose to engage in. You make the decision! Do you want to market home and auto or health and life, or be dually licensed to be able to offer both product lines?

Technology Support:

We can’t throw a thousand different companies at you unless you had the proper technology support to make the decision making process as to what company to go with, easy and simple. This is exactly what we have done. We have the best technology and sales support the insurance industry has to offer, Bar None.

Independent agent status:

Greenway gives you access to the most competitive contracts in the insurance industry. Don’t be trapped with a captive career company that sometimes leaves you trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Why not have a multitude of companies to choose from so you can deliver the proper product 100% of the time. This increases your income and ability to create an endless stream of referrals.

Carrier Contracts:

Greenway has contracted with the best companies in the insurance industry to help you promote your business. We have contracts with over a thousand different companies, almost all of them you have heard of before. Quality carriers, with superior products, who offer tremendous service, is what drives the heart of the insurance sales process. With Greenway as your compass, you can always find the right solution for your client. We only deal with all top rated carriers so you can compete with anyone else in the industry.

Commission Income Advances:

We pay Monthly, weekly, and even daily commission advances depending on the type of policies your selling through your agency. Your self-employed you make the decision as to what products you’re marketing. We suggest you start your business with a very focused effort pertaining to the line of business you want to start marketing, but then as you get more secure expand into other areas at your own pace and only when you feel like the time is right. We have agents making over one hundred thousand their very first year of business with literally no overhead expense, except for their own personal marketing efforts. It’s crazy to think you can write a $100.00 a month plan and make up to a $1,000 dollar advance in three business days but this happens everyday in our business.

The Secret sauce: Renewals:

Did you know you get paid on an insurance policy for as long as the policyholder keeps the policy you sold them? We have agents making over a hundred thousand dollars simply living off trails. It’s very comforting to think you get a commission today for work you did ten years ago. Sweet!

Company Incentive Trips/Bonuses:

Have you’ve ever been to Australia, Italy, London, Portugal, Jamaica, and Caribbean Cruise, all for just doing your job? Have you’ve ever been paid a ten thousand dollar bonus just because you’re doing a great thing, helping people who need help. Successful agents, who rise to the top, receive bonuses of this magnitude and go on carrier incentive trips all the time!!!

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