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Covering 2 Critical Topics of Wealth Building & Asset Protection For Your Estate

MAY 15TH & 19TH (10AM-12PM)

Are you aware there is an investment vehicle available in the world of global investments which can help potentially
lower market risk while helping overall IRR that isn’t a stock, bond or annuity? This investment vehicle is called an:

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT. There is a whole world to explore which you probably have no idea even existed until you received this postcard. If you’re tired of hearing the annuity story, then come discover some of the most powerful ways to diversify your risk, and learn secrets the world’s most elite investors utilize. Alternatives can provide an immediate income stream while providing lower market risk tolerance than traditional stocks/bond portfolios. Institutions and private equity average 11% year over year returns while the average investor earns 2.8% year over year. Alternative strategies have played a part of how these results were achieved.*

Discussion Highlights Include:

• What are Alternative Investments?
• Why Alternative Investments may fit nicely into a well-diversified portfolio.
• How Alternatives may offer very compelling solutions to solve immediate income needs.
• Limit market volatility risk; generate a stream of income not correlated to market downturns, using Alternative Investment strategies.
• Are you a professional or average investor?
• Detailing my 5 favorite Alternative Investment idea’s.
• Converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, to help minimize taxation and help maximize returns.
• How to generate a stream of income today, while helping to preserve your principal and keep money from
market volatility.
• Learn the real reasons why Alternative Investment strategies are the non-traditional investments that are used in some of the world’s best performing portfolio’s.

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Daniel Roemerman, President of Greenway Financial Advisory Group, has provided financial and insurance planning advice to both the business community and residents of Missouri and Illinois over the last 28 years. He holds his Series 7 and Series 66 licenses and is an Investment Advisor with Center Street Advisors, and Registered Rep. with Center Street Securities, an SEC registered broker/dealer who clears through Pershing.